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RECEIVED RECIEVED: The Aetherial State (Citizen Application)

[Image: Bkj3TCU.png]
KS | Citizenship Application
Nation: The Aetherial State (24)

Nation in Kaer Solas
The Aetherial State

Name of World Assembly Nation
Boston Castle

Discord Tag

List of Affiliations
The North Pacific (Boston Castle)-Deputy WA Affairs Minister
Thaecia (Hulldom)-Foreign Affairs Minister
New West Indies (Blankenheim)
Thalassia (Candide)-Ambassador to the North Pacific)
The East Pacific (Ponthieu)
Christmas (I Watched At Night)
10000 Islands (Ter Azhav)
Spiritus (St Frances Spillway)
Europeia (Inishmaan)
South Pacific (Bavarian Motor Nation)
Forest (Hazel Grove)

List of Aliases
Hulldom/Hull, Blankenheim/Blank, Boston Castle/BC/Boston

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