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Constitution of Kaer Solas


Article I: Rights
1- All Residents shall have the right to apply for Citizenship following the process of this Constitution and additional laws.
2- All Citizens shall have the right to:
...2.A- Participate and vote in Tribe matters. This shall include the right to submit legislation.
...2.B- Run and serve for eligible offices as proscribed by Tribal law and this Constitution.
...2.C- Publish media without censorship.

Article II: Citizenship
1- Citizens are those who, as Residents, have applied for Citizenship; swore an oath to the Constitution; and have been subsequently recognized by the Druids as legal Citizens of Kaer Solas.
2- Residents shall be defined as those who hold a Nation within the in-game Region of Kaer Solas, but are not Citizens.
3- Once recognized as Citizens by the Druids, Citizens shall be expected to keep a Nation within the Region to keep their Citizenship. This shall be the only requirement to keep Citizenship.
4- Only The Gréine Assembly may:
...4.A- Grant Citizenship to Residents who have completed the Citizenship process as established by the Druids;
...4.B- Deny Citizenship;
...4.C- Revoke Citizenship status of a Citizen of Kaer Solas.

Article III: The Gréine Assembly
1- The Gréine Assembly shall be established as the body responsible for the proscribed actions as defined by this Constitution, where members of The Gréine Assembly shall be known as Druids.
2- Members of The Gréine Assembly, aka The Druids, are (co-)Founders of Kaer Solas.
3- The Gréine Assembly shall be responsible for:
...3.A- Accepting, denying and revoking Citizenship;
...3.B- Maintaining the citizenship process and requirements;
...3.C- Running elections in Kaer Solas;
...3.D- Serving as the Judicial and Security Branch of Kaer Solas;
...3.E- The Gréine Assembly shall be able to complete these duties in any method or organization possible, so long as said method or organization is legal under this Constitution and Tribe law.
4- The Gréine Assembly may delegate their duties to Citizens of Kaer Solas. The Gréine Assembly may also create entities to carry out specific Druid duties.
...4.A- The creation of such positions or entities cannot contravene Tribe law.
...4.B- Those entities shall be considered a sub-institution of The Gréine Assembly
5- The Druids may ban, eject, suppress, or otherwise punish a Citizen, Resident, or foreign persons for reasons of being a threat to the region and its government, causing public nuisance on regional services or the Regional Message Board, or breaking the Tribe’s law.
...5.A- All such punishments shall be recorded publicly, within Kaer Solas offsite forum, with a clear reasoning and sentence.
6- The Druids may not be removed from office.

Article IV: The Tribe
1- The Tribe shall consist of all Citizens. No Citizen can be barred from Tribe participation without Druid verdict. The Tribe shall serve as the Legislative Branch.
2- The Tribe shall be led by a Speaker, who shall be elected for a four month term. The Speaker shall maintain Tribe operations, conclude any debate, and commence the voting periods; with exceptions to elections.
...2.A- No Citizen may simultaneously serve concurrently as Speaker, Grandmaster and Archmaster,
...2.B- The Speaker may appoint Deputies to help fulfil the duties of Speaker. Should the Speaker go on LOA, the longest-serving Deputy shall take over Speaker duties until the Speaker declares their return from LOA.
3- The Tribe shall be empowered to pass legislation with a simple majority vote.
4- Upon the creation, amendment, or repeal of legislation, the Speaker shall present such legislation to the Druids. A ¾ majority of Druids can either sign the bill into immediate effect or veto it. Should the Druids fail to take action within 10 days, the bill shall become law.
5- The Tribe may override a Druid veto with a ¾ majority vote.
6- Only Citizens who cast a vote during a vote shall be recognised as voting.
7- Should an official (defined as the Archmaster, Speaker, Grandmasters, Delegate, and other positions created by legislation) show no presence via posting in at one least regional service or on the in-game Regional Message Board for a period of 15 days, the Tribe may remove them via a simple majority for inactivity.
...7.A- Officials who have declared a Leave of Absence prior to becoming inactive may not be removed for inactivity, so long as their Leave of Absence is on-going.

Article V: The Consalacht
1- The Archmaster shall serve as the head of The Consalacht, which shall be the Region’s Executive. The Archmaster shall be tasked with maintaining the day-to-day functions of the Region, as well as representing the Region abroad.
2- The Archmaster shall be the highest ranking officer and leader of the regional military.
3- The Archmaster shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the Tribe and shall serve for a three month term.
4- The Archmaster may appoint Grandmasters at the beginning of a new term to carry out specific duties.

Article VI: World Assembly Delegate
1- The Druids shall be required to appoint a World Assembly Delegate.
2- The World Assembly Delegate, or “Delegate”, shall be empowered to vote in the World Assembly on the behalf of Kaer Solas following procedures in Tribal law. Should no such law exist, the Delegate may vote at their discretion.
...2.A- When voting, the Delegate shall keep in mind the interests of Kaer Solas and vote accordingly.
3- The Druids may remove the Delegate per their discretion, through ¾ majority vote.
4- The Druids shall decide what in-game powers the Delegate shall receive.

Article VII: Elections
1- All elections shall fall under a challenge system.
2- In a challenge system, anyone may challenge the Archmaster, Speaker, or a Grandmaster for their position at any point during their term. This motion must receive a backing by another eligible Citizen.
...2.A- Upon a second, a nomination period lasting for three days shall begin. Any Citizen may run, provided they receive backing from another Citizen.
...2.B- The incumbent may stand without any backing by another eligible citizen.
...2.C- After nominations end, a two day period for voting shall begin. Only votes cast during that time will be counted. The candidate with a majority of votes shall win the challenge and assume office.
3- Should the Speaker or Archmaster be challenged and win they shall continue serving until the end of the term.
4- Should a Grandmaster be challenged and win, they shall continue serving until the end of the Archmaster’s term. Should a Grandmaster lose a challenge, the new Grandmaster shall serve until the end of the current Archmaster’s term.
5- At the end of an Archmaster or Speaker term, an election shall be held.
...5.A- The processes for elections shall be the same as for challenges, except that elections shall start automatically without backing from a Citizen.
6- No Druid who is currently partaking in an election may assist in the running of said election.
7- This prohibition shall also apply to any individual the Druids appoint to run elections.

Article VIII: Administration
1- This Constitution recognizes the Administration Team as the out of character administrative body of Kaer Solas with absolute out-of-character authority. The Team shall be sovereign from this government, and may act outside the bounds of law or this Constitution to protect the community's well-being.
2- The Administration Team shall be solely responsible for owning, maintaining, and administering the region's offsite communication platforms and shall do so without any interference from any in character bodies of authority within the region.
3- The Administration Team shall self regulate its powers in order to prevent any instances of power abuse.
4- The Administration Team shall have absolute discretion over what is to be considered official off-site infrastructure/communication platforms of Kaer Solas.

Article IX: Ratification, Amendments, Supremacy
1- Upon completion of drafting, this constitution shall receive the assent of all four Founders (the individuals commonly known as Agalaesia, Libertanny, Heaveria, Pichtonia). Upon receiving their collective assent, this Constitution shall go to a ratification vote between all Nations currently residing in Kaer Solas. A supermajority vote of 2/3s in favour is necessary for ratification of this document.
...1.A- Upon document ratification, the four current Founders shall become the first and only Druids.
2- Upon document ratification, the Druids shall be responsible for appointing a provisional Speaker and Archmaster to serve out full terms. The first Speaker, Archmaster, and Grandmasters may be challenged, and regular elections shall begin at the end of their term.
3- The Tribe may pass an amendment to this Constitution with a supermajority 2/3 vote in favour. Should the vote pass, the amendment shall be put into immediate effect. The Assembly cannot take action on such an amendment.
4- This Constitution shall be the supreme law of the Region.

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