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Consulate Application Thread

Kaer Solas Foreign Office
Hello and welcome to Kaer Solas! This thread serves as a place for regions interested in having foreign relations with Kaer Solas to submit their applications for consulate status. Once accepted, regions with the consulate status will be assigned to a Hall and a thread in which they can update us about their regions. Diplomats from accepted consulates will need to apply for diplomatic status here.

To apply for consulate status, please fill out the form below and submit it as a reply:

Quote:1. Region Name
2. WA Members in the region
3. Offsite services (Discord/Website/Forum/Etc.)
4. Primary diplomat from your region to Kaer Solas

Sample application:
  1. Kaer Solas
  2. 5
  3. Discord: / Forums:
  4. Art
When accepted, regions with consulate status need to do the following to maintain consulate status:
  • Regional updates every 45 days. Inactivity will result in the termination of your region's consulate status.

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